Benefits of Shilajit for Women

The benefits of Shilajit and its relevance in modern medicine has been thrown into a serious controversy. While there is a consensus among many practitioners that shilajit holds amazing benefits for both women and men if applied correctly, there are those who have doubts. This post has, therefore, been put together to provide useful insights about what uses and benefits the natural resin holds, how best to use it, by whom, and for what conditions. But first, it’s important to unravel what exactly shilajit is, in structure and composition.

Shilajit, also largely known as mineral pitch, is a form of resin. It is a sticky substance often found in cracks and crevices on the Himalayan rocks. Just like most minerals, shilajit is formed over hundreds of years from slowly decomposing plants. The history of the use of shilajit has been traced to ayurveda, a traditional and pseudoscientific medical practice with origins in India and Nepal. Hence, it explains the source of the substance which runs through the borders of India, Nepal, Bhutan, China, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

Source: Ayur Times

Shilajit is usually black or dark brown in color and has been used for at least 3,000 years.

Benefits of Shilajit for Women

There are several benefits of shilajit for women, most of which have been tested scientifically. Some of them are outlined below.

There’s also substantial evidence that shilajit can help with weight loss, thereby addressing conception difficulty and hormonal imbalances. Lastly, reproductive organs will get a good dose of oxygen and nutrients because shilajit helps with ensuring their unhindered flow, while also getting rid of chemicals and toxins.

Benefits of Shilajit for Men

Just like women, there are also several benefits of shilajit for men, including in reproductive health, aging and Alzheimer’s disease. Let’s consider them.

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Benefits Of Shilajit for Women Final thoughts…

Shilajit is often sold as liquid or powder. As recommended, you can take shilajit with milk twice daily. The recommended dose is between 300 mg to 500 mg of shilajit daily, but you must pay attention to the instructions of your health provider. Shilajit is a natural herb but may contain heavy metals and other contaminants that can affect your health in its natural form. This is why you should only get purified shilajit from a trusted source.

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